Hydrin Liquid Soap

Extra moisturizing liquid soap for Dry Skin Conditions.
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Hydrin is an Extra moisturizing formulation with essential oils for the treatment of dry skin Conditions.
Hydrin is a beautiful naturally formulated cleansing body wash which soothes, softens and also removes environmental pollutants.
Hydrin is particularly beneficial for dry and mature skin due to it's naturally hydrating properties


  1. Hydrin is an excellent moisturizer
  2. Hydrin cleans without disturbing the normal oil balance of the skin.
  3. Majority of the ingredients of Hydrin are from natural sources and they maintain the natural pH of the skin.
  4. Element of wastage has been removed due to its elegant plastic tube packaging and product can be used up to the last drop.
  5. Hydrin is also cost effective.
  • Shake well and pour Hydrin on to the wet plams and apply gently to the whole body.
  • Rinse thoroughly.
  • Remove the soap with warm water.
  • Tap with towel to dry the skin.
  • Avoid excessive rubbing.
  • Hydrin leaves the skin soft and smooth.

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